who am i ?

i fell in love with photography very young, passion never left me. i developped my firsts films in my parents’s attic! i shot all i could and tested double exposure on film
to create some impossibles pictures. i think my love of compositing came from these moments.
i studied advertising at st luc mons at the beginning of 2000’s when compositing and photoshop was really present in the industry!
then the passion took over the rest and i did’nt want to work in agencies anymore …
my new goal was to work FOR them and live from my passion.
i put the two worlds i loved in one and began working  as a freelancer in 2006, first as retoucher and then as photographer after some years in the advertising industry…
i specialise in food photography and big scenes.
my style is defined by some flemish inspirations, light&shadows and big aperture in reportage. oh and i’m a textures addict.
so, let’s meet and talk about your project…
ps: i love to work in teams: assistant, food stylist, hair and make up, stylist, studio, etc…
if you would like to work with me, show me what you do or just talk about our fabulous jobs,  don’t hesitate to contact me!
alone we go faster, together, we go further.

what’s in my bag ?

phase one iq3 trichromatic 100mpx + 28mm + 80mm + 120mm macro
canon 5dsr / canon 5d mark4 + 16-35mmL2 – 24mmL – 50mmL – 24-70mmL2 – 100mmL macro – 90mm TS
5 profoto b1 + all softboxes/grid
2 bowens quadx 3000w + 4 lights + softboxes
6 hand-painted backgrounds from gravity backdrops