i do ads, not art.
my advertising work is team work between agencies, creatives, client, photographer’s team etc. i like to bring alive the crazy projects of creatives and put my creativity and vision to the service of my clients.
portraits, food, packshots, big scenes…
there is no small project or small client, what I want is a happy client and I do my best to achieve this goal 
let’s magic begin!


i have two passions.
photography and food.
so why not bring these two together?
teaming with the chefs,  publishing houses,  agencies or clients directly!
my food work is a mix of textures, transparency, blur & sharpness, color and movement.
i work with food stylists or chefs to make the most beautiful and appetizing result!
everybody knows that …

people eat first with the eyes!


i put my retouching skills (my first job in advertising) at your service.
photographers, agencies, whatever…
if you need some photoshop, i’m yours!


working in the world of chefs/food/gastronomy allows me  to meet a lot of passionates people
and of course a lot of artisans (ceramists, beekeepers, butchers, farmers, growers etc).
all these people make me fall in love with their way of life, especially handworks.
from all these encounters, a fascination for manual work was born …
a simple photo of hands at work can tell a lot about the person we are photographing.


yes, i shoot lifestyle & love too.
my passion for photography came from my obsession of moments. and i don’t know anything stronger than create a lifetime of moments for lovers, family, etc
it’s the opposite work of advertising but complementary for me. advertising is so exciting but ephemeral. shooting love is timeless.
it’s why i shoot booth with the same exigency.
if you want to see my love work, go to my « life » page.